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Common Questions

What kind of fish are in Galveston Texas?

Galveston, Texas is home to a diverse range of fish species, making it a top destination for anglers of all levels. Whether you're looking to reel in Red Snapper, Speckled Trout, Black Drum, Sheepshead, Flounder, or other popular catches, Fishing Charters Galveston has you covered.

What is the best tasting fish in Galveston?

The best tasting fish in Galveston is widely considered to be Red Snapper. As an experienced captain with Fishing Charters Galveston, Captain William often recommends Red Snapper to his clients for its delicious flavor and firm texture. Its delicate yet rich taste makes it a favorite among anglers and seafood enthusiasts alike. 

What is the most common fish in Galveston?

There are several common fish species that can be found in Galveston, Texas, including Speckled Trout, Redfish, Black Drum, Flounder, Sheepshead, Spanish Mackerel, and King Mackerel. The most common fish, however, is likely the Speckled Trout, which is a popular game fish known for its strong fight and delicious flavor. These fish can be found inshore and nearshore, and are abundant throughout the year in Galveston.

A Charter Fishing Galveston Fishing Charter targets the top Galveston, TX Fish species including King Mackerel (Also Called Kingfish, Spanish Mackerel ), Spanish Mackerel (Also Called Atlantic Spanish Mackerel, Spanish Mackerel), Cobia (Also Called Black Salmon, Crab Eater, Lemon Fish, Sergeant Fish ), Red Snapper (Also Called Pensacola Red Snapper, Northern Red Snapper ), Redfish (Also Called Red Drum, Channel Bass, Spottail Bass), Wahoo (Also Called Ono, Ono Malani, Hoo, Pacific Kingfish, Malata kingfish, Queen fish, Paala, Paere, Peto, Sierra, Solandra, Serra-da India, Kamasu-Sawara, Acantocibio, Cavala de India, Keskas, Kin Fis, Mersad, Kinkfish, Peto, Guarapucu, Thazard batard), Grey Triggerfish (Also Called Leatherjacket, leatherneck, Taly), Southern Flounder (Also Called Flounder, Plie ), Sheepshead (Also Called Convict Fish, Sheephead ). We primarily Fish the Atlantic Ocean, Trinity Bay, Galveston Bay, East Bay, Gulf of Mexico, Port O'Connor, .